Best Headphones For Digital Piano

Everyone that owns a digital piano knows that owning a good pair of headphones is what makes the keyboard perfect. Without a good sound, without headphones the user just can’t do his or her job properly. So today, I decided to look at three pairs of headphones and test them out to see how good they really are.  Without further ado, let’s look for the best headphones for piano users.

Which Headphones For Digital Piano Users?

A lot of people that own a digital piano don’t realize that they could have an entire different experience when using headphones. Aside from that, headphones are perfect when you want to practice but don’t want to annoy neighbors or people who live with you. Imagine, being able to play day and night, morning and evening without having to worry about bothering others. But to be able to play your digital piano flawlessly and to be able to enjoy the surround sound, you need a good pair of comfortable headphones. There are so many models on the market that it can be a hard choice for anyone to find the best headphones for digital piano. So to make it easier I chose three different models to try and this is what I found out.


For my first pair of headphones I decided to go ahead and try the Behringer HPM1000 model simply because they have a good reputation in creating amazing products. This pair is priced the lowest out of all three and I wanted to try something on a lower budget.

These are over-ear headphones and the first thing that came into mind when I put them on was how comfortable they really are. Saying that, they were the heaviest of all three which made the experience noticeable. They use an ultra wide frequency response which made the sound clear and sharp but not the best sound out of all three models. The single cord didn’t get tangled during use so these were not only comfy but easy to use as well. The great thing was, this pair of headphones came with the correct adaptors so I could use on all my consoles and keyboards, regardless of the jack.

For the money you are paying for these headphones the sound is exceptional and they are comfy and give you what you need, clear sound when playing the digital piano. Great value for money if you are on a tight budget, these headphones beat it when it comes to price.

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Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones, Black

The second pair of headphones I decided to try was the Yamaha closed back headphones. I chose these because they were mid-price range, had great reviews and looked elegant and lightweight to use. Specifically created for using in conjunction with a digital keyboard these came with some awesome features that made the entire experience enjoyable.

The ear pieces are made with a 90 degree swivel function meaning they fit your ear like a glover, perfectly and comfortably. Compact and light, lighter than the Behringer, these felt as if you weren’t wearing earphones at all. I loved the entire look of these and they come in both black and white which means you can by stylish and wear a pair which matches your keyboard. The two metre cable was perfect and didn’t restrict me from moving or paying. One of the best things which I found with these was the sound was purely professional. There was no hype and no harsh playback when using these either. The balanced bass and treble made for a clear playback and made everything enjoyable.

Overall I really enjoying using this pair of headphones and they looked great. The sound and the playback was amazing and I think these are great for the money, professional sounding and looking headphones for a price which you simply can’t beat elsewhere.

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LyxPro HAS-10 Closed Back Over-Ear Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing Headphones, Newest 45mm Neodymium Drivers for Wide Dynamic Range – Lightweight

Even though I was in love with the Yamaha headphones, I had to go ahead and try out the most expensive pair from the three models. Even though the most expensive of the three, I still found these to be great value for money.

The LyxPro headphones are lightweight but they look a little more bulky than the Yamaha headphones. Saying that, these are for professional use and they have some awesome features which the others don’t. These headphones allow for live monitoring and mixing and they use a new and modern system which offers an instant dynamic response.

They are durable with stainless steel arms so will last a long while. A leather headband made these the most comfy of them all and the leather ear pads were gentle on my ears. The three meter straight single sided cable made them easy to use, with no tangle anywhere at all during using them.

These headphones have amazing sound quality and a no-nonsense balanced sound which make them perfect for everyday use whether using professionally or just at home. The outcome is crisp playbacks for audio, instruments and voices alike. The sensitivity rating also impressed me and meant I could turn up the volume to eleven without the music being distorted at all.

With the 180 degree rotatable ear cups, the long cable and the soft leather bands these headphones made me want to use my digital piano more than ever.

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Best Headphones For Piano Conclusion

After playing around for quite a while with each of these digital piano headphones I came to the conclusion that I was ready to pay a higher price but get a better playback and comfortable experience when using. Saying that, for those on a low budget then the Yamaha model is a perfect choice but if you are looking for something you can use on a professional basis then the LyxPro is what you need. If you want something durable and comfy and for using at home then the Behringer also does the job well. Overall the LyxPro are my favorite not only because of the cool features but because of the amazing sound and sure to say, they will come with me everywhere I go.

Either way, you can’t go wrong when purchasing a pair of headphones to go with your digital piano.