Piano Keys Labeled

Learning to master the art of playing the piano can seem a little daunting at first. For children and adults alike learning to read music, understand keys on the piano and learning to listen to the mistakes you make is hard. I am a professional piano player and there are days when I forget things. Many say it’s like riding a bike and sometimes you just need that extra push in order to overcome your fears and enjoy the ride. This is where having your piano keys labeled is a huge help when learning to play.

Why Have Your Piano Keys Labeled ?

Having the keys showing you what to play is a great help. Granted you’re looking down at the keys, but in time you’ll pick things up naturally.

Today, I decided to look at piano key stickers and see which came out the best. I tried them on children and students and although you are thinking that there really isn’t a difference in piano key stickers, there is and this is what I found out after reviewing them.

Piano Stickers for 49 / 61/ 76 / 88 Key Keyboards – Transparent and Removable with Free Piano Ebook

You really don’t want to spend a lot of money on keyboard or piano stickers because they will wear with time and with every use so I decided to go for a cheap set that were bright and colorful and would entertain and engage my younger music students.

These colorful stickers are printed on a transparent material and are made with vinyl and an adhesive that doesn’t damage the keys on your piano. I really liked these because they were thick stickers and made with a double coating which protected them from nails, nail polish, dirt and overuse. These stickers will only work on white keys due to their coloring but I found they helped my students memorize the keys because they were using color to remember the notes.

These stickers took minutes to install and even came with a free piano book which my younger students adored. I am all up for color, after all when you play music, you make the world colorful, right?

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Keyboard or Piano Stickers 61 key set For Kids

Next I decided to try some cute piano key stickers that were adorned with simple alphabet letters in the shape of monsters. These were long stickers and at the top they had the music notes so children could refer to both and as they progressed remove the monster stickers and use only the notes. I really liked these because they were again colorful and bright and my youngest students couldn’t wait to play when they saw these monsters on my piano.

These were easy to install and no residue was left behind after I peeled them off and better yet the company states satisfaction guaranteed, if you aren’t satisfied within thirty days they will refund you your money. What can I say? I loved these monsters as well but they did make my piano look a little scary!

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Piano Stickers for Keys – Removable w/ Double Layer Coating for 49 / 61 / 76 / 88 Keyboards

Next I tried something that wasn’t as colorful and bright but something a bit more bland, in simple black to that the adult students wouldn’t get a headache when using them! These stickers weren’t transparent like the others and you could see that they were stickers.

These were easy to install and the notes were bold and big which made it easy for my students to recognize the notes. These are double coated to prevent wear but it made them not as elegant as the other stickers I had tried. Not running different in price, I wouldn’t use these again.

These were also very sticky and didn’t leave a great deal of residue on my piano keys after but enough that I had to wipe it clean before using it again.

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Piano and Keyboard Music Note Full Set Stickers for White and Black Keys with Piano Songs EBook & User Guide; Transparent and Removable! – For Easy Piano Lessons -100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

For my fourth set I went for something a little bit more expensive but a set of stickers that worked both on the white piano keys and the black keys.

These were durable looking stickers printed on a transparent vinyl which I loved because after sticking them on, it looks as if there are no stickers there. The simple, class and eye catching design is great for all ages as well. These stickers work on every keyboard or piano and are really easy to install. It took me a few minutes to stick them on, they were the perfect size and better yet, I got a free piano book for children when I ordered these. I love it when you get true value for your money and I found this in these stickers.

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Best Reusable Color Piano Key Note Keyboard Stickers for Adults & Children’s Lessons, FREE E-BOOK, Great for Beginners Sheet Music Books, Recommended by Teachers to Learn to Play Keys & Notes Faster

Last but not least I tried these which I accidently came across. You can get two different types of these stickers, vinyl reusable ones or adhesive ones for one time use. This is great to have this choice because many teachers have different students and not everyone needs piano key stickers when learning.

This company offered my money back if I wasn’t satisfied and these even came with a free e-book for beginners. I really like the simple and classic look of these and the fact that they weren’t black and white but colored which really interests all of my students, whatever the age.

They stick really well but only if you clean all dust and residue off your keys first, I tried to stick one on a place which was a bit dusty and it didn’t stick well at all. Overall I really like the value for money with these and all my students were impressed with these rainbow stickers.

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Removable Piano Key Stickers Thoughts

Eventually there will come a time where you’re comfortable playing without having to look down at the keys to find the notes. You’re now able to decide to keep the piano stickers in place or to dispose of these. Naturally it’s more difficult to remove permanent sticky items, which means you potentially causing damage to the keys. Removable piano key stickers come into their own here, as they are easy to remove and less likely to cause any marking to your instrument.

Piano Key Stickers Conclusion

Whatever type of stickers you need for your piano, there are plenty available. They all range around the same price and they all do the same job. Depending on if you teach students or adults, you might want to choose color over black and white. I love the sets that came with free music books and the monster stickers were loved by my little music students.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years of age or 95 and just starting out. Unless you’ve played a musical instrument before, notes and chords will seem daunting. Using piano key stickers is a great way to learn and it’s also inexpensive too.