Keyboard Dust Cover Reviews

When it comes to buying a digital keyboard there’s a lot of accessories that you will have to consider buying too. If you want to keep your keyboard in good shape and enjoy a comfortable music session while playing it then you will need to invest in a good stand, a good bench and above all a good dust cover.

Keyboard Dust Cover Suggestions

Every digital piano needs a good dust cover, simply to make it last longer, keep it clean and working in good shape. Of course, you are probably thinking, any dust cover will do and you will go ahead and buy the first one you come across. Wrong. I went ahead and tried out five different dust covers to see which one was better and held the dust and dirt out of my beautiful digital piano. Read below to find out more.

Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Keys – Made of Nylon / Spandex – Comes Complete with Built-In Bag, Elastic Cord and – Locking Clasp – Keep It Free From Dust and Dirt!

Cheap and cheerful I decided to go for a dust cover that was for someone like me, on a lower budget. This dust cover is made for 88 keys and strangely was made of spandex and nylon. The material on this one is 87% nylon and 13% spandex which made this machine washable, a great plus and also just stretchy enough that it fits any keyboard like a glove.

Even though this dust cover is advertised for an 88 keys keyboard it fits a keyboard 76 and above. It comes with a pull cord and built in elastic so it fits any size from 76 keys to 88. I really liked the fact that it came with a small pouch so I could take it with me wherever I took my keyboard. This cover is made to fit and to keep dust and moisture off your digital piano. After using it for a while and after washing once it seemed to lose its elasticity a little bit but overall it kept its shape and did its job. I was super happy with the price and well, it even came with a three year guarantee so what more could I want!

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Stretchable Keyboard Dust Cover for 61 & 76 Key-keyboard: Best for all Digital Pianos & Consoles – Adjustable Elastic Cord; Machine Washable – FREE Piano Chords Ebook – 41”×16”×6”

Coming in at a little cheaper than the previous one I tried, I thought I would try out this black stretchable cover for my keyboard. Made to fit 61 and 76 key keyboard, this again fit perfectly to my smaller keyboard.

Again this cover is made from nylon and spandex and is machine washable like the last one. It has a clasp which keeps it secure and a breathable layer to keep the dust particles from getting to your treasured musical instrument.

This dust cover didn’t come with a guarantee and it had a slight plastic feel to it. It washed well and was easy to use. Overall it is good value for money but I am not sure how many washes it will actually last!

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Gator Cases Stretchy Cover Fits 88-Note Keyboard – GKC-1648

Again I chose another dust cover which was on the lower end of my price budget. This cover comes in two sizes only, for an 88 key and a 76 key. This dust cover is made of spandex and lycra rather than nylon. It stretched well and had a nicer feel to it.

The one thing that let me down about this cover is that it wasn’t machine washable but for the the price and the fact that it stretched lovely over my keyboard I couldn’t really complain. With this dust cover you don’t get a free pouch but it folds away easily when not in use.

With the piano’s sheet music stand mounted, I can fit the cover over the keyboard while letting the music stand jut up behind the fabric. In other words; the stand is not covered but the entire top, front and sides of the piano are; and I prefer this since I don’t want to tear the fabric nor stress the music stand. Plus, if it’s slipped over the stand, dust would be able to enter from behind and defeat the purpose of covering it in the first place. Overall a good buy, but not the best.

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Piano Keyboard Cover, Stretchable Velvet Dust Cover with Adjustable Elastic Cord and Locking Clasp for 88 Keys Electronic Keyboard, Digital Piano, Yamaha, Casio, Roland, Consoles and more(Black)

So, after not having much luck with the nylon stretchy covers I thought I would go for a dust cover that was a little different. A black velvet cover. I really like the luxurious look this one gave me entire keyboard. It comes in three different sizes, a 61 key size, 76 and 88 keys size. I thought the price was great considering you are getting something luxurious but with velvet, you can’t just wipe it clean, you have to wash it.

Although this dust cover is machine washable, if you wash by hand then it will last you a lot longer. This dust cover is made to fit most brands and comes with a long three year guarantee which is a plus. The one thing that really annoyed me is it left hair dust fibers behind on my piano so I would recommend running it through the wash before using it. Overall a good buy but I have to say, I prefer the first model I tried.

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On Stage Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Key Keyboards

For my last try I thought I would try out an On Stage keyboard dust cover, one size, one price, simply black and with a dust bag. This dust cover fit like a glove and held the dust out well. The clasp made it easy to tighten and the bag made it easy to store. It washed well and although was made of a spandex material it had a really nice feel to it.

After the first initial use, like with the previous dust cover it left little black specs on my keys. I wiped it down, washed it and didn’t have any problems after that. Some people complain that the material splits but with nylon and spandex, if you leave it in direct sunlight, it will do that anyway. If you want your dust cover to last, take care of it. I really liked this one and well, I simply couldn’t make my mind up on which one I liked the most.

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Digital Piano Dust Covers Final Thoughts

After trying out five different dust covers, I know now that I would go with a spandex one any day of the week. Easy to clean, wipe, wash and store away. I wasn’t impressed with the velvet plush cover even though it added a luxurious look to my keyboard and keyboard bench.

After considering price, quality and extras that come with a dust cover, I would go for the first model. It fits universal sizes and it has some free extras with it. The price and guarantee warranty sold me on this one. Either way, whichever you choose, choose one and protect your digital piano. Trust me, you won’t regret it!