Best Sustain Pedals Reviewed

Sustain pedals play an important role when using your digital piano and today I took a look at five different models on the market at five different price ranges to see which comes out best. From the five I reviewed I found a great difference in enhancing my musical skills thanks to these little helpers. Sustain pedals for digital pianos are necessary when creating music. They simply send a signal to the piano which then creates the sound, realistically like an acoustic piano.

Best Sustain Pedal For Digital Piano

Sustain pedals come in different varieties and are made differently for those who have different needs. In general, they all have the same similar look but they all create a different sound base when playing your digital piano. Hopefully we can help you choose the best sustain pedal for digital piano needs.  If you aren’t sure what type to invest in or even what type might be perfect for you then read on below to find out.

M-Audio SP-2 | Universal Sustain Pedal with Piano Style Action for Electronic Keyboards

The first sustain pedal I decided to try was the universal m-audio SP-2. This is classic style, original looking pedal which caught my eye. Priced at mid-range, I thought it was worth a try. The one thing that stood out about this pedal is that not only did it look professional but it also felt professional to use. This pedal is actually compatible with all keyboards and digital pianos which makes it a good investment if you use more than one digital piano.

The six foot cable means it reaches any input anywhere, making it super easy to set up. The chrome design is elegant looking and the rubber footing makes it comfortable and easy to use. Additionally it has a great feature of give and take playback making a note linger as long as it should. This sustain pedal offers the user a real experience as if using an acoustic piano pedal and better yet, the price is great.

I enjoyed using this pedal and found it to be great value for money, durable and could take any notes I decided to play.

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Yamaha FC4A Assignable Piano Sustain Foot Pedal

For the next pedal I decided to go ahead and try out the Yamaha FC4A simply because Yamaha has never let me down when it comes to my musical accessories and instruments. Although saying that, I wasn’t overly impressed with this pedal and I felt that although this was the lowest priced, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting either.

The pedal works great for triggering drum machines, punching in and out while recording, and for turning effects on and off. It’s just a momentary switch, but functions well.

It works fine as a sustain switch for keyboards, but, if you are used to real acoustic like pedals, you may be disappointed, as the throw is much shorter and the feel is a lot more different.

The rubber on both sides provides good grip. It doesn’t move around much and the entire bottom surface is rubberized, instead of just having four rubber feet, like so many pedals have. I found that the top surface seems just a bit stickier than the bottom, so, if you have a really slick floor, you can just flip the footswitch over and use it like that.

The cable is around the right length, without too much extra to get tangled up in, but long enough for flexibility in placing the switch. I could see where a 1/4″ jack instead of a hard-wired cable would be nice to allow users to change the length, and also to prevent the cable from wearing out, but if you take decent care of your gear, this pedal should last a long time. For cheap and cheerful, this is the sustain pedal to go for but sadly doesn’t have a professional look or feel about it.

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Imelod Ione Digital Piano and Keyboard Sustain Pedal for Yamaha,Roland,Casio,Korg,Behringer,Moog – Universal Foot Pedal Black

For my third try I decided to go ahead and have a look at the Imelod universal pedal. It works on Electronic Keyboards, Synthesizers, Pianos, Drum Machines and Tone Modules making this great value for money because you get something you can use all the time, for all your needs.

Priced in the lower price range and with some great reviews I was itching to try it out. It had a firm and spring feel with a dual switch making it super functional as a sustain pedal. I liked the lengthy six foot cable and the fact it had a rubber non-slip base. It felt heavy and gave me the feel of a real acoustic piano pedal.

As far as use goes, it was a little stiff but once you get used to it you hardly notice it. It gave me great pleasure to use and I was expecting less for the money I paid but in fact I got more than what I paid for. It works like a charm and found it my favorite so far.

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Casio SP20 Piano Style Sustain Pedal

The Casio SP20 is the highest price of them all and so I expected this sustain pedal to be everything and more. Professional looking, chrome and black finish this is an elegant and classic looking pedal.

It is durable and gave a lingering sustain sound, just as it should do. The one thing that disappointed me about this sustain pedal is that it is only compatible with Casio models. Heavy to the touch, this pedal will last me for years to come. I was impressed with the quality and impressed with the function and sound as well. It didn’t have the non-slip grip like the Yamaha sustain pedal but due to the weight it didn’t slide around as much as I thought it would.

Overall for the price you are paying, it seemed a little on the expensive side but did its job just as it should.

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Sustain Pedal for Keyboard ,LESHP Damper Sustain Pedal For Yamaha Piano Casio Keyboard Sustain Ped,Yamaha,Roland,Casio,Korg,Behringer,Moog – Universal Foot Pedal

Last but not least I went for the LESHP model, a sustain pedal which is again universal and compatible with many digital pianos. I loved the different look it had, modern with a chrome and black finish but thin and elegant looking. The chrome plated metal foot looked durable and didn’t look as if it would wear out anytime soon.

The functions worked perfectly with the switch polarity improving the overall sound and the damper function creating a more soulful music experience. I felt I could truly express myself through music by just using this sustain pedal in my performance.

The non-slip base made this resistant against slipping, the long cable made this easy to set up and the standard plug meant I could use this with all my digital instruments. I found this sustain pedal to have the most realistic feel of them all and coming in the mid-price range, I found this an investment that I knew I would use years to come and one that would stand by me well. The quality is exceptional and I wasn’t expecting such a professional look and feel due to the unknown model and the price. Quite surprised by what I found, I enjoyed using this sustain pedal.

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Best Sustain Pedal Conclusion

So after looking at these five sustain pedals and trying each one out thoroughly I came out with a favorite and a second favorite. As my first favorite I really liked the M-Audio SP2 and for my second I was impressed with the LESHP universal sustain pedal. Both had great functions, worked exactly like an acoustic piano pedal and gave me satisfaction when playing and performing.

The Imelod is also not a model to miss but not perfect if you don’t have the strength in your feet as the pedal itself is a little stiffer to use than the rest. The Casio and Yamaha didn’t impress me at all and although they did the job, I found the others better in both style, quality and performance.

There you have it, if you are considering investing in a sustain pedal then don’t miss out on any of these. Well worth the money, you will be pleased with the new sounds you can create by using one of these in conjunction with your digital piano.