RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard with Interactive LCD Screen Review

The RockJam 54 key digital piano is one of the most interesting keyboards. Comfortable for both kids and beginners, it is quite the force to reckon with. We took a look at it and determined how well it does under scrutiny.

The Basics of the RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

The first thing you notice about the RockJam keyboard is that it has a beautiful interface that attracts you immediately to it. It is portable with an interactive LCD screen that enables the player to be able to follow what they are doing especially in an interactive session because the player is able to see the chords and keys they are playing.

This kid’s piano has a fun look that makes it interesting for the kids playing and offers great options that attract other beginners. It is a portable piano that is not very heavy so it can be moved around easily without hassle or struggle. It is easily accessible at a price of between 50 dollars and sixty dollars which is totally worth the features it comes with.

Operation and Ease of Use

This kid’s keyboard is an exciting digital piano that comes with great functions that are both interesting and important. Even without the instruction manual, this cheap digital piano is easy to access and use. This 54-key digital keyboard not only provides kids with an option of leaning at such a tender age; it also gives beginners an opportunity to learn without the hassle of complicated digital pianos.

This piano for kids is unique with a great sound that is not easy to come by for the price that accompanies it. It has a beautiful sound and comes complete with an elaborate yet eay learning system that is easy to follow and that can be used by anyone.

kids piano

Results When Playing

With its built in stereo speakers, the player can be able to play loud music and be able to even entertain a small crowd. It can however be annoying for listeners to have to listen to a beginner or a child who has just began learning. Luckily, this kid’s keyboard comes with an output venue to be able to connect to headphones or external speakers.

The keys are fully sized which means they are semi-weighted and the sound that comes out of the keyboard depends on how much pressure is placed on the keys. This is important in building hand stamina and ensuring proper learning without the hassle of a grand piano.

The sound options that come with this cheap digital piano are more than one would normally get for a price so low. Most of the sounds are authentic and some of the sounds include; strings, electrical pianos, organs and guitar. The versatility of these sounds and rhythms is what makes this keyboard so unique and worth buying.

Product Safety

The RockJam keyboard is a must have product for anyone who has a child that is interesting in learning the piano. It is safe for use for everyone and children of all ages. This is because it has been designed specially to accommodate that age group.

Battery Life

The amazing thing with this cheap digital piano is that it is built for those who love to have their music on the go or travel with their instruments. Apart from being lightweight and cheap, this digital piano comes with a battery option which means that the keyboard can be used even in the absence of electricity.

It also uses a power adapter and cable for simple use in the house but those who want to save on electricity or get easy access to this great keyboard on the go can use six D battery cells to get the same fun from their keyboard.

Cleaning and Care

This digital piano is much like every other digital piano in terms of care and cleaning. It is important to make sure it is frequently dusted and covered when not in use for long periods of time so as to avoid having to bother with the damage that dust can have on an electrical instrument. Additional information on care is found in the instruction manual that comes with the keyboard.

Special Features

This kid’s piano is one of the most interesting pianos to ever come about. It dispels the theory of having to buy an expensive start up keyboard so as to get quality beginner services from it. It is lightweight and easy to use and has a myriad of features that make the experience of using the RockJam 54-key digital piano thrilling.

The cheap digital piano, obviously designed for beginners and learners comes with a teaching mode whereby keys, beat points and chords are displayed on the LCD screen so that the user is able to focus on how well they are doing and how to improve their playing skills.

There are about a hundred piano effects and eight percussion sounds to choose from. The player can also attach the keyboard to a stand for stability. With the option of a music rest; the user will be able to place their iPad or sheet music for easier playing and learning.

Apart from that, the keyboard has 30 free JoyTunes piano maestro that is ranked highly as a great educational app. Its light way of teaching piano is fun and the free songs are versatile, ranging from classical music to rock. A few songs included are Diamonds by Rihanna, Waka Waka by Shakira and Just the way you are by Maroon 5.

Final Thoughts on the RockJam 54 Key Digital Piano

While this digital piano is very pocket friendly, it is surprising to learn that it brings a fun and meaningful twist to playing and learning especially for kids but beginners also. Most people assume that this cheap digital piano is created for kids but it is interesting to learn that it is great for each and every beginner.

While it may difficult to stomach the thought of powerful speakers blasting the tunes of terrible playing, it is comforting to learn that the headphones option is available although a great player can show off their skills thanks to the speakers.

The RockJam digital piano for kids is great as a startup keyboard and its fair price allows the fear of damage from kids to be disbanded.

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